Abby Hayes

A2021 is Abby’s first year on the City of Greater Bendigo Youth Council. She’s excited to grow with the council and is ready for the challenge that future tasks will present. She is looking forward to making changes that will improve Bendigo for the youth, including employability, sustainability and inclusivity. 


Abby found out about the Youth Council through family members, which is why she wants to work hard with other Youth Councillors to find a better way to have the Youth Council and their work recognised. 


At the age of 14 , she’s had 6 years of experience in school councils and is entering her 3rd year on the Student Representative Council at her current school. She is also the SRC President for the year. Abby attends Weeroona College Bendigo and hopes to one day become a school captain to achieve her personal goal of making sure all students who attend school feel included and safe. 


Abby joined the Youth council with the hope of ensuring that all LGBTQ+ youth felt like they had a voice and felt safe in Bendigo. She also aims to improve the way that schools deal with issues such as homophobia, bullying, racism and mental health issues. She looks forward to working with other Youth Councillors to achieve these goals.’