City of Greater Bendigo Youth Council


The City of Greater Bendigo Youth Council is an advisory and advocacy committee of 19 young people, whose role it is to represent and promote the voice of young people aged 12 to 24 who live, work and study in the City of Greater Bendigo. The Youth Council meets regularly to discuss issues that are important to young people in Greater Bendigo. Their priorities are youth employability, youth engagement and youth wellbeing.

The Youth Council aims to:

  • Include young people from diverse backgrounds in decision-making processes
  • Advise on current and emerging issues impacting young people
  • Influence youth focused programs and projects delivered by the City of Greater Bendigo
  • Provide advice on the management and use of the YO Bendigo youth facility
  • Promote civic pride in the contributions of young people in the community by representing the City at civic events.
  • Provide a mechanism for young people to oversee the implementation of the City’s Explore, Engage, Empower- Young People in Greater Bendigo `Youth strategy.

Youth Council members are appointed for two year terms after an expression of interest and interview process. Youth Councillors then elect a Youth Mayor and a Deputy Youth Mayor for a 12 month term. The current Youth Council also elected a Secretary and Treasurer.

The establishment of the City of Greater Bendigo’s Youth Council is a tangible expression of the City’s commitment to young people, and is the first action in the City’s Youth Strategy, Explore, Engage, Empower: Young People in Greater Bendigo.