Jemille McKenzie | Secretary

This is Jemille, but you can Jemille Mckenziecall her Jem. (she/her/they/them pronouns). She is the Youth Council's Secretary.

Jem is 23 years old, lives in Strathdale and has lived in Bendigo for over 14 years. Having completed an Honours in Criminology, Jemille is extremely passionate about social change, especially in youth representation, employability, domestic violence prevention, and the environment.

Amongst her impact on the community, Jem is the Victorian representative on CanTeen’s Youth Advisory Team (Aus/NZ), as well as a variety of Bendigo committee's and groups.

In and out of the Youth Council, Jemille has knowledge in facilitation, leadership, notetaking, mentorship, and enthusiasm to the community.

She also aims to ensure that her voice allows for Bendigo's young people to be appropriately included in the local council's decisions as a natural inclusion rather than an afterthought.