Kathryn Northill

Kathryn Northill

Meet Kathryn Northill. She is 20 years old, grew up regionally and moved to Bendigo in 2018 after graduating from Bendigo Senior Secondary College. Because of this, Kathryn has always had a passion for making sure no one gets left behind and that all young people have equal opportunities.


Kathryn currently work as a disability support worker and she loves her job, especially the challenges she faces each day.


Kathryn has a love for cooking and creating new and exciting recipes. She loves to share food with friends and family members.


Kathryn joined Youth Council as an opportunity to stand up for those who don’t have the chance to have their voice heard. She wanted to the opposite of the old quote that young girls are told in that "young girls should be seen and not heard." She is here to prove the that young women and people in general should be heard, seen and valued.


Get in touch with Kathryn by emailing [email protected]