Maggie Alice

M.AliceGrowing up as a home-schooler allowed Maggie the chance to develop skills for utilizing time effectively; prioritizing commitments, passions and projects. These priorities encouraged the reliance on her own inspiration, motivation and incentive to meet and expand goals. Including, working collaboratively with those around her to reach optimal levels.


Currently, Maggie is initiating and developing a start-up business in embodied dance while studying health sciences. In doing so allows her chances to further develop leadership skills and communication.


Maggie is motivated by a passion for self-expression, believing it to be essential for growth.

She believes in people’s connection to community and wants to contribute to that participation. She has participated in dance films on mental health and wanted to continue providing voice to those who feel they lack one. Maggie is also committed to supporting ethical business practices and to see continual growth in sustainable enterprises.


Maggie aims to expand the knowledge and participation of the creative arts community, deaf culture, health, youth safety and environmental prosperity.


Maggie’s goal is to continue advancing and expanding upon youth’s advocacy and connection to community. Harmoniously intertwining youth with the rest of the world, away from isolation. She hopes to make a positive impact on people and impart a different way of perceiving expression and communication.