Dancing and Drag at Disco Queer by Chloe Drury

Members of the queer community and allies gathered at Rosalind Park on Saturday 16th March for Disco Queer, a celebration of LGBTQIA+ pride. People of all ages enjoyed activities, food, mocktails, and drag performances throughout the evening. 

Volunteers from Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond helped people make their pronoun pins and hosted the TGD clothing swap with a selection of dance party outfits. The swap provides clothing to queer, trans, and gender-diverse people to help them express and explore their identity in an authentic, affordable way. Moon, a volunteer and City of Greater Bendigo Youth Councillor helped at the clothing booth and joined the team to "make an impact on youth." 

Disco queer

Wolf Asta also volunteers with YO Bendigo. They've been with YO Bendigo for six months, but they've attended Pride events in Bendigo and Daylesford for a few years. Wolf said they love volunteering because it allows them to "meet new people and help out people."  
The volunteers at the face painting stand from headspace Bendigo’s FROGs groups gave guests glittery, colourful makeovers while people snacked on traditional Ethiopian food from Konjo Mama and non-alcoholic cocktails designed and made by the YO Events team. DJ Quality Time and DJ Tonky provided the music, a feel-good mix of modern favourites and throwbacks. 

Polly Filla gave an energetic, upbeat performance of Ariana Grande's "Yes And?" and said, "Ariana knew what she was doing. It's a gay anthem". If someone tries to bully you for being queer, say "Yes...and?" Next up was Matte Finish's Lady Gaga medley, complete with athletic headstands and dramatic death drops that left the audience cheering. Closing out the first round of performances was Freddie Merkin in a glamorous feather and leather outfit performing a queer macho cover of "Holding Out for a Hero" by Adam Lambert. Polly Filla, Freddie Merkin and Matte Finish performed throughout the evening with a surprise guest performance from Cliterally. Disco Queer also featured baby drag performances from Tara Missu, who debuted at this event in 2022, and Brenda Please, who gave her first-ever performance in Drag. 

Disco queer

Bendigo Pride Festival continues this week with a diverse calendar of events from stage shows to lectures to musical performances. Make sure you check out the calendar of events and grab your tickets at  www.bendigopridefestival.com.au. 

Author: Chloe Drury