FReeZA End of Term Bash

The FReeZa End of Term Bash was hosted by YO Bendigo at 45 Mundy Street on Friday September 20.


This drug, alcohol and smoke free event showcased young musicians from the Bendigo region, and was funded through the Victorian Government’s FReeZa Program.


Members of the YO Events team undertook all tasks to ensure the event ran smoothly, including designing and promoting the event, setting up the stage and canteen and running the event on the night.


The event was well attended, with a young crowd of 60 people attending to watch performances by local bands J-Max, Prophets of Bird, Trophy Wives and Groove Train.


For both J-Max and Prophets this event was their first official gig.


“The gig had a really fun atmosphere to play and everyone who experienced the music seemed to be there for a good time." said Youth Councillor and drummer/back up vocalist for The Trophy Wives Billie Taylor.


"I loved the space, in particular the fairy lights giving a warm atmosphere, and the fact that the drum kit was on a stage was great - it meant that all of the musicians were seen really well and could interact with the audience! Overall, it was the best FreeZa gig I have been to and played at so far, and I am so excited to see what’s to come!” Billie said


Flynn Farrell, a member of the YO events team said the space provided the perfect vibe for the evening.


“The space was just the right size to create a lively atmosphere without feeling too crowded.” Flynn said


The event aligned with goal five of the Youth Strategy to “we deliver inclusive, accessible events and programs for all the community”.


The success of the event has led to the young people on the FReeZA committee looking at making it the End of Term Bash a regular event.