Youth Council Kicks Off 2024

The City of Greater Bendigo Youth Council has just completed their two-day intensive training program, preparing them for this year's exciting opportunities.

Deputy Youth Mayor Lilly Correll said, "Youth Council training provided a fantastic opportunity for both new and returning Youth Councillors to collaborate and learn as young leaders."

Beginning on Tuesday, the 23rd of January, new and returning Youth Councillors learned how the institution operates, what it works towards, and what they can look forward to throughout 2024. More importantly, they brainstormed ideas on how best to empower, advocate for and engage with the young people of Greater Bendigo they now represent.

By having experienced Youth Councillors lead discussions and facilitate ideas, new Youth Councillors could learn from and engage with those with years of experience, positioning them well for their development in 2024 and beyond. 

Youth Councillor Luke Troy said, “My biggest takeaway from the training days is knowing that as a Youth Council, we have the power to empower our fellow peers and build upon their quality of life.”

Key takeaways were the desire for greater advocacy to Council on issues that young people are passionate about, a greater relationship with Council and City management, and an ongoing commitment to realising the objectives of the 2023-24 Youth Action Plan.

In addition to the great professional atmosphere of productivity, the Youth Council bonded over games of ‘Fun Fact’ and shared life stories, building the foundations of long-term relationships forged through our shared passions for youth advocacy.

Youth Councillor Moon Vincent said, “It was great getting to know people my age coming from other schools with different backgrounds, stories, and opinions.”

The 2024 Youth Council is the group's youngest cohort; over half of our ranks are first-year members. This year’s group is also one of our most diverse, with various cultural, socio-economic, educational, and ability backgrounds represented in our eighteen members. Despite our different backgrounds, we are united by a common goal: that the young people of Greater Bendigo feel safe, respected, empowered and heard in our City.

"We are confident that in twelve months, we’ll look back at these training days as the beginning of a new and exciting era for the Youth Council; we can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings," said Acting Youth Mayor Remus Brasier.

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