Youth Councillors attend ‘Supporting Our Youth from Education to Employment’ Deep Dive Forum

Youth Councillors attended the ‘Supporting Our Youth from Education to Employment’ Deep Dive forum on Thursday November 7 2019.  Youth Councillors in attendance included Youth Mayor Khayshie Tilak-Ramesh, Deputy Youth Mayor Annika Ritchie and Youth Councillors Lilli Rose Gemmill, Jemille McKenzie and Kathryn Northill.

The Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership held the forum with the aim of bringing young people together to lead discussions about the barriers to employment in Greater Bendigo and what possible solutions could look like. The forum was attended by 80 young people, who provided their perspectives on youth unemployment in Greater Bendigo.

Youth Councillors provided valuable input, including Youth Mayor Khayshie Tilak Ramesh who said that “Youth unemployment is a multifaceted issue that can't be solved easily. The barriers to employment for young people in Greater Bendigo include a combination of transport, education and a lack of opportunities.”

Youth Councillor Kathryn Northill also highlighted transport as a significant barrier to employment, as well as a lack of support after students finish their VCE. Kathryn also stated that policies need to have more of a regional and rural focus in order to better support young people in the Greater Bendigo Community.