PanMarLar Thei 

Meet PanMarLar. She is 18 years old and is currently a year 12 student at Catherine Mcauley College Bendigo.

PanMarLar is an active member in the Karen Youth Group that participate in activities celebrating and honoring the Karen heritage and culture. In the Karen Youth Group, she participates in dance and as a public speaker. Her family were the first Karen family to settle in Bendigo which makes 2019 their 12th year in the area.

PanMarLar is passionate about giving a voice to the growing Karen youth in Bendigo. She appreciates the diverse culture that Bendigo has to offer. Being a Youth Councillor will give PanMarLar the privilege to be a voice for the Karen youth, as well as allowing her to highlight environmental issues that our local communities are facing and work towards solving them.

Get in touch with PanMarLar by emailing [email protected]