Remus Brasier

Deputy Youth Mayor Remus Brasier

Pronouns: (He/Him)

Remus Brasier is a fourth-year City of Greater Bendigo Youth Councillor. In 2023, he is now one of the most experienced and tenured Youth Councillors in the organisation’s short history. Serving since 2020 when he joined the organisation. At that time, he was the youngest-ever Youth Councillor. In 2022, he was elected to the office of Deputy Youth Mayor, becoming the executive team's youngest-ever member.

As Deputy Youth Mayor, Remus helped steer the direction of the Youth Council in what was its most impactful year yet. Over the course of 2022, Remus most enjoyed working on issues relating to the arts, public speaking opportunities and the direction of the city.

Remus was part of the Youth Council’s team at the 36th Victorian Youth Parliament, where he achieved the prestigious honour of being awarded ‘Best Speaker in the Legislative Assembly’ by the presiding officers of the chamber.

In 2023, Remus wants to work on a number of issues, including further advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community, public safety, and the development of the city.

Deputy Youth Mayor Remus Brasier