Ryan Peterson

Ryan PetersonRyan is 20 years old and got his start in governance in student Leadership groups at Bendigo South East College.

At Bendigo Senior Secondary College, he got more involved in youth leadership by participating in the Student Council and is currently in his fourth year as a Community Member on the school’s College Council. He is the Editor of Ambedo, Bendigo's Youth Magazine and works as a Dear CRIS Youth Facilitator. 

Ryan studies Product Design at RMIT but still lives in Bendigo, therefore commuting as required. He has interests in transportation/public transport, design, land use, strategy/planning and LGBT+ advocacy, rights and awareness.

Ryan applied to be a Youth Councillor to follow up on the work done by the Youth Action Group, and to bring more attention to the good work that the young people in the City of Greater Bendigo do.

Get in touch with Ryan by emailing [email protected]