What We Do

About YO Bendigo


YO Bendigo is a fun, lively and safe space for young people.

Everything that YO Bendigo is and does comes from young people in our community. We work to connect Greater Bendigo’s young people to opportunities and empower them to achieve the goals they set out to achieve.

It’s because of young people that we have the Youth Council, which provides advice to the City of Greater Bendigo Council on plans, strategies, and projects as well as advocating on issues that directly impact young people.

It’s because of young people that we have YO Events, a team that loves creating fun live music and entertainment events across Greater Bendigo. They learn about all areas of event production and produce professional-level events.

It’s because of young people that we have YO Media which produces the quarterly Ambedo Magazine, made by young people for young people. It covers issues that young people are dealing with in our community and empowers them to have their say by being part of the editorial team, or by submitting art and articles for publication.

YO Bendigo has helped young people connect to the community, explore their identity, break into the music industry, find their creative passions, and help make a difference in Greater Bendigo.

The Youth Action Plan 2023-2024, led by the Youth Council, guides all our work and aims to empower young people so that they are inspired, heard, and valued. It commits us to support inclusion and participation for all young people by amplifying their voices, improving opportunities for rural and disadvantaged young people to develop as young leaders and empowering young people throughout Greater Bendigo to make a difference in their community.