Role playing games

In collaboration with Yo Bendigo, DM Thomas Moore brings over a decade of experience in Role Playing Games and other tabletop roleplaying games every Monday, Wednesday and Thrusday evening.

Games typically run for 2 hours (4 pm - 6 pm) and are hosted at the Yo Bendigo office space at 45 Mundy Street, Bendigo.

The group is designed to be a safe, supportive environment, friendly to players of all genders, ethnicities and skill levels, and welcoming to neurodivergent players and LGBTIQ+ players


Dungeons and Dragons meet every Monday, Marvel Multiverse meet every Wednesday and Monster of the Week meet every Thursday, at the Yo Bendigo office at 45 Mundy Street, Bendigo. Playing D&D 

What are the campaigns?

Dungeons and Dragons 
Guardians of the Astral Sea - A sci-fi D&D adventure
Join the crew of the Ad Astra, as they sail across space to far-off places throughout the Astral plane! This heavily homebrewed, spectacular dungeons and Dragons 5th edition campaign takes its cues from the Spelljammer. Adventures in space module and the upcoming Ghostfire Games Aetherial Expanse, as well as a heavy doses of influence from classic space opera adventures like STAR WARS, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, and Guardians of the Galaxy, to feature heroic travelers exploring derelict space stations, garden worlds filled with dinosaurs, smuggler basses and much more.


Marvel Multiverse 
Secret Game - Superheroes trying to find their way home
Powered individuals, some hero’s not so heroic, have been vanishing from the face of the Earth…literally. Unbeknownst to anyone back home, these abductees are being transported to The Arena, a planet far from earth used to stage elaborate games of superpowers and survival. Can hero’s find their ways back home? Drawing inspiration from the classic Marvel story Secret Wars, as well as the Hunger Games and battle royale games, players create Marvel-style characters, be they mutant, spider-people or even just highly trained martial artists or magic wielders, and try to work together to survive the games and make it back to Earth.


Monster of the Week
Ponhurst, 1999 - Teenage monster hunters protecting their hometown
In the fictional town in the American Pacific Northwest known as Ponhurst, people are dying in their homes. No human culprit has been identified; but that’s because the perpetrator is not human. Its up to a small group of friends from the local high school to track down the monster that their parents cant, or wont, see, and put a stop to it before anyone gets hurt. Drawing inspiration from serialised stories in the Monster of the Week genre, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural, Grimm and of course, Scooby-Doo, players pick up archetypes of these kinds of stories and make them their own in this thrilling, monster-hunting investigative adventure.



Want to Join?

Call or email Tom Moore for further details! We allow spectators to come along and watch any game.