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Come and join our Youth Community Panel

The City of Greater Bendigo invites you to be part of a Youth Community Panel to help shape our new Community Vision and Council Plan. The panel’s recommendations will also be used to guide the development of a new Financial Plan, Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, and Asset Plan. This is your opportunity to be the voice of youth, help shape our community’s future and guide the work of Council over the coming years. Council is committed to considering the panel’s recommendations.

Why would I participate?

We all want to live in a community where we can enjoy the best possible quality of life. We all have different ideas on what we need to do this, so this is your time to imagine a Greater Bendigo that has everything you, your family, friends and community need to succeed, be well and happy.

Youth Community Panel members will work together to develop an agreed view on how Greater Bendigo should grow and change in the years to come while ensuring that Council invests its money in projects and services that are important to you and support your overall wellbeing.

When will the Youth Community Panel meet?

The Youth Panel will meet in Bendigo over three days and participants will need to be available on all three days. An independent specialist will facilitate the panel.

We’re looking for 20 people aged 12 - 24 years to put up their hand. Participants will receive an honorarium payment of $100 at the end of the process in recognition of their time and commitment. A location where the panel will meet is to be confirmed. Youth Community Panel meetings will be conducted in a COVID-safe way, in line with the restrictions of the day. Meals and refreshments will be provided.

Youth Community Panel dates and times

Friday May 14 – Sunday May 16

  • Friday, 5pm – 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday. 9am – 4pm

What will the Youth Community Panel do?

The Youth Community Panel is part of the consultation process for Imagine Greater Bendigo, the name given to the project to help develop a Community Vision, Council Plan, Financial Plan, and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan by October 2021. An Asset Plan will be developed in 2022.

The Youth Community Panel will be asked to consider feedback received in earlier consultation and use this to help create a Community Vision, a statement that will sum up our community’s goals for the future and how Bendigo should grow and develop. The panel will also be asked to weigh up different community issues and trade-offs, and prioritise how Council can address them.

This Youth Community Panel will not be like a typical ‘public meeting’ where loud voices dominate. The panel will be independently facilitated and will be a genuine, open process where your voice will be valued and heard. Panel members will participate in a series of discussions and activities to create our shared Community Vision.

How will the Youth Community Panel be selected?

The City will promote this opportunity in schools, learning institutions and on social media. Panel members will be selected to match the broad demographics of the Greater Bendigo area.

Who can be on the youth panel?

Anyone between the age between 12 – 24 years can express an interest to be part of the panel. Elected Councillors and staff members at the City of Greater Bendigo are not eligible to participate.

How can I register?

Complete the survey below - Registrations close midnight, Sunday April 25.