Coding with Codergarten

Makey Makey

Kick off the school holidays with an all day coding session!

Ever wanted to leave Earth and be the first person to land on Mars?

In these two sessions you will learn the basics of programming logic and explore MakeyMakey, Scratch and Ozobots. 

Session 1 - Steer to Mars with help of MakeyMakey + Scratch  

Participants will build a foldable steering wheel (MakeyMakey) + space travel game (Scratch). 


Session 2 - Mars Inspection with help of Ozobots.

Let your Ozobots roam around Mars to collect further information about the red planet.

Is it safe for a human to step out of their spaceship? 



  • All equipment and programming is supplied - however young people are welcome to bring their own devices

  • The recommended age for this workshop is for young people aged 6-13 years - however anyone who is a beginner to coding will also enjoy the day

  • lunch is not provided, please bring snacks and a water bottle

  • Parents, guardians and carers are welcome to be in attendance

Tickets are on sale now, and have extremely limited capacity - get in quick!