Songwriting with Sherri Parry

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Are you a young musician looking to start or improve your songwriting skills?

Want to compete in the Battle of the Bands but don't have an original song yet?

This workshop is for you!!

This is a practical session led by Sherri Parry. You'll learn about the whole songwriting process from inspiration to structure, collaboration and instrumentation. 

Bring along your instrument and anything you're working on.

Sign up today - spaces are limited!

Snacks provided. 

About Sherri Parry

Sherri Parry, a white woman with glasses, sits in a chair in the sun on a balcony. She wears a white lace and satin singlet and glue jeans with rolled cuffs. Her shoes are black and white chunky lace ups.

Sherri Parry has never sat comfortably in one box. This is especially true when it comes to her music. With a sound completely unique Parry blends genres unhesitatingly. Taking influence from solo artists such as Amy Winehouse, Hayley Williams and Mitski, Parry has birthed her own commanding sound in songwriting. Think jazz chords, pop vocals, folk storytelling, soul emotion, and whatever else is nearby. The only thing retaining a constant is the catchiness of her song writing and power of her lyricism.

Born and bred in regional Victoria, Parry has been writing, releasing and performing in Central VIC since 2013. She opened for Australian music royalty John Butler in 2019 at the Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival at Ulumburra Theatre, three months before releasing her full-length album 'Leave The Flowers' in February 2020. With COVID 19 dismissing any chance of a tour, spent the isolation writing new music. Since January 2021, Parry joined forces with Bendigo guitarist, engineer and producer, Tom Hadlow to start building the next project. Working through the heat of the summer, the pair are independently recording and producing Parry’s new songs for her upcoming new album. The songs embody the feeling of melancholy, desperation, and anger shifting Parry’s music in a very new direction.

“Sherri Parry achieves that rare musical ideal that all musicians strive for - writing songs that other musicians love for their complexity and intelligence, whilst also keeping her songs accessible and hooky enough to turn anyone’s ear. It’s a hard balance, and somehow Sherri does it with ease. And yes, I am jealous.” – Grim Fawkner

The upcoming release titled "I Think I'm in Love Again" is set to be available everywhere on Valentine's Day 2020. The first taste of new music from Parry in 4 years is the most heavily produced and worked on yet.
Parry’s perspective of 3 years of lockdowns, break ups, climate disasters and plenty of therapy brings the first glimpse of Parry’s new album, scheduled to be released later this year.



This workshop is supported by FReeZA, a Victorian Government initiative that supports young Victorians to get involved in their community by planning and running drug, smoke and alcohol-free music and cultural events for other young people.

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