Tinker with MakeyMakey

Session: Tinker with MakeyMakey

Kit + Platform: MakeyMakey + Scratch

Total Mins: 120mins (2hrs)



Young people will learn to use MakeyMakey and Scratch, to create their own game including programming a control/joystick.

they will also  begin exploring Scratch (Block-based coding platform) to modify the game and learn basics of computer programming and coding.


Session Flow:

Part 1: 30mins - MakeyMakey and Game Controller

Part 2: 90mins – Scratch and Modifying Game    



  1. Healthy food catcher (Move your basket to catch fruits +1 point OR donuts -1 point)
    • Change the basket into a character
    • Change the scoring function
    • Change the background
    • Change the speed/intensity of the game

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